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The team at Integrity Tool & Engineering takes great pride in exceeding our customer’s expectations. We specialize in close-tolerance machining of a wide variety of parts and materials. Few machine shops can match Integrity’s ability to re-create complex geometries, using such a wide array of materials. We offer flexibility not only in the types of machined parts we create, but also the size of orders we fill. Projects of all sizes are welcome, ranging from prototyping, short-run, and production runs.

Our machine shop is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and our access to multiple economical shipping options allows us to work with customers throughout the United States and abroad.

With our years of experience, technology, and talented team, we are well-equipped to handle a variety of precision machining projects. Our diverse range of services includes:

  • CNC Machining
  • Wire EDM
  • Small Hole Pop
  • Grinding
  • Inspection
  • Prototyping

Precision CNC Machining

Our CNC machining capabilities are second to none. Using your drawings, blueprints or specifications, our CNC machines are capable of producing parts to extremely high tolerances.

We pride ourselves in using the latest CNC machining technology. Our CNC department does very intricate 3D milling as well as fourth axis work.

We take great pride in our CNC lathe work, and can work with almost any material. Many companies rely on our complete turn key applications of automated machines and fixtures.

CNC is short for “Computer Numerical Control”. Controlled by programming language (using CAD/CAM software), our CNC machines allow for both automation and greater accuracy. Our CNC machines include mills, lathes and grinders. To view our complete equipment list, click HERE.

We manufacture, prototype, and produce:

    • Tools
    • Dies
    • Fixtures
    • Fabricated assemblies
    • Complex precision parts

CNC Mill capabilities: x 50″ y 20″ z 25″

Precision Wire EDM

EDM, or Electrical Discharge Machining is a very precise method used for cutting nearly any form of electrically conductive material. Wire EDM can cut through materials that traditional machining methods can’t. Our EDM machines can cut through hardened materials and exotic alloys without compromising tolerance. EDM can also make cuts that machining centers cannot. Examples include: small radius, inside corners, tight slots, long tapers, or instances where burr free cuts are needed.

Wire EDM cuts in any X-Y pattern, without contact, resulting in burr free cuts. A wire electrode submerged in deionized water creates a spark, that in-turn vaporizes the material as it machines your part.

We use cutting edge technology in our Wire EDM department, and routinely cut with .0012 and .002 diameter wire. Recently, we succeeded in cutting in a rotary application with .002 wire and cutting a spiral on a .010 diameter tube.

Most machine shops will subcontract their EDM work, adding to your project timeline, and overall cost. By providing EDM services in-house, we control the quality, process and scheduling.

For intricate parts that need that one impossible cut, EDM is often the answer. Is EDM right for you? Talk to one of our experts today!

EDM Max. Capacity

  • x = 17.5″
  • y = 12.5″
  • z = 14.0″
  • Submerge to 12.0″

Small Hole Pop

There are many different applications that call for EDM small hole drilling. We are experts at EDM hole popping in both small and micro applications.

We are capable of providing:

  • Injector valves
  • Medical parts
  • Fiber-optic
  • Connectors
  • Micro-machining
  • Micro mold making
  • Spinnerettes for fiber Industries
  • Micro mold making
  • Vacuum chucks for fragile part holding
  • Stamping tools
  • Micro-electronics
  • Any field where the utmost precision micro machining is required

Hole Popping Capabilities

-EDM Hole Popping Tolerances: held to ±.002
-EDM Hole Popping Diameters: as small as .006
-EDM Hole Popping Depth: 8″
-EDM Hole Popping Thickness: 12″

We’ve successfuly done holes that are thicker and deeper, however, tolerances can be affected. To inquire about your specific needs, please contact our team.

Also known as small hole EDM drilling, or start hole EDM drilling, hole popping is no longer a last choice method for drilling holes. It is also used for production work, and hole popping allows us to drill holes in any electrically conductive material.


Do you need precision grinding with the highest degree of accuracy and consistency? Our experience with precision grinding, combined with our state of the art grinding machines delivers the precision results our customers demand.

We are able to grind tolerances of +/-0.0001 with surface and OD (outside diameter) grinding, and can grind a wide variety of materials. We understand what a tenth is, and have that ability. Our machinists are expertly trained in precision grinding, and will make sure that the finished product meets or exceeds your specifications.

To learn more about our grinding services, or capabilities, please contact our team directly.


We are well known for consistently providing machined parts that fall within tight tolerance requirements. While we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our commitment is to getting it right the first time. Machined parts are monitored through the parts production process. Both visual and dimensional inspection ensure our goal of producing parts that meet or exceed your tight tolerance requirements.

Our in-house inspection equipment, includes our state of the art CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). We’re committed to providing you with precise machined parts that meet your tight tolerance requirements. With our in-house inspection capabilities, we don’t have to ship your machined parts to a dimensional lab for inspection. This means efficiencies in both time and money for you.

Prototyping / Design & Engineering

We love a great challenge. As a leader in Minneapolis parts design and engineering, our team is well versed in the prototyping process, and the potential challenges that can impact your success. Combining our 20+ years of experience with our state of the art equipment, we have become the partner of choice for those seeking assistance with prototyping. We utilize the latest versions of CAD/CAM software, and accept virtually any file formats.

From Concept to Production

We’ve successfully helped companies with prototyping needs in a wide variety of industries, including computer, medical, automotive, automation, and the recreation industry. Proper design, material selection, tooling, and testing are critical to the success of any prototyping project. With Integrity Tool & Engineering, you’ve got a team with the DNA to turn your idea into a success.

We’ll Bring Your Vision to Life


We work with a wide variety of materials to create custom machined parts and components. This includes most metals, including:

• Carbon Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Cold Rolled Steel
• Inconel
• Brass
• Bronze
• Titanium
• Aluminum (all types)
• Plastics
• Ceramic
• 52 Alloy
• Many others…

Our in-house wire EDM capabilities allow us to cut any electronically conductive material.

If you’re unsure of the proper material for your needs, or have questions about our capabilities to machine specific materials, please give us a call.

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